Why home remedies do not work or give desired results on your skin

Why you are not getting desired results from home remedies?

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You saw a home remedy for fair skin or for your acne prone skin. You tried it at home but you did not get good result, thinking it may be wrong remedy.

The internet is full of home remedies that promise to give fair skin, flawless beauty and acne free skin within a short span of time. Many people out there follow these remedies the way described in the home remedy. But sometimes they do not get desired results as they were wishing.

What is the reason that you are not getting desired results from your remedies? Here are the top reasons:

1.     Cleanness is the key

The most common mistake that most people do is that they do not clean their face before applying any homemade face scrub. All the day you stay busy in kitchen, at home or at work place. Your skin interacts with environment and all the dust particles present in it. When you apply any home remedy without cleaning it then it only cleans your skin rather than giving best effects.

Whenever you are going to follow any home remedy then first clean your skin with any good face wash then apply the mask.

2.     Have some patience

No skin color can change within 2 or 3 days. Everyone has different skin types and things show their effects according to the skin type. Some people may see drastic effect in 2 days and some may take 7 days to see the change. Whenever you are aiming to use any home remedy for your skin then have patience. Use any remedy for at least one month to see real results.

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3.     Know your skin type

The home remedy designed for oily skin may not work well on dry skin. Before applying any home remedy it is vital that you are familiar with your skin type. Follow the home remedy that is made for your skin type so you will see visible results.

4.     Proper Routine

Repeat the home remedy daily or alternate day as described in the process section. If you will follow the guidelines then chances are then you will see good results over the course of time. Applying them twice or once in a week will not work for you. Even the formula whitening cream requires you to be used for at least 3 months to get desired results.

5.     Sunlight protection

The ultra violet rays of sun are not good for your skin especially if you are following a home remedy that has lemon juice in it. The lemon juice makes the skin sensitive to sun rays. The exposure to such rays may result into skin tan rather than skin brightening.

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