What Chevening UK Scholarship is all about

What Chevening UK Scholarship is all about?

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Chevening scholarship UK is basically an International awards program that provides a wonderful opportunity for all the people who aim to take their career one step further.

The aim of Chevening scholarship UK is to support future leaders and influencer to hone their professional and academic skills. The international platform also provides you with a golden opportunity to understand UK culture, meet and connect with new people and explore new world of possibilities.

The funding is backed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and other organizations. It allows people from across the globe to get into UK universities for postgraduate study or courses.  


The Chevening scholarship UK program requires all the candidates to fulfill eligibility criteria before applying to this program. It is mandatory that you have at least 2 years of experience for scholarship and 5 years of experience for fellowship before applying to the program. You also need to fulfill the English language requirement.

Applicants are required to choose three masters courses. They either choose the same course in the 3 different universities or they choose three different courses in the same university.

You also need two people as referee who will be contacted later in the next step by Chevening scholarship UK.

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The last step is the interview process in which you will be called at your nearest embassy and most exciting moment to be the next Chevening.   


In the first Chevening scholarship UK process when the applications open you create your account over the Chevening website. After registration you see a form that contains different questions related to networking, professional experience, English requirements etc.      


Applications for this Chevening scholarship UK program open every year in August. The good part even if you do not get in the first place then you can apply to it as many times as you want.

Why Chevening scholarship UK is the best?

It is one of the best scholarship programs that cover all the cost related to the program. Once you are selected then all you need is packing. Hurray!    

In case if you need more information check the official Chevening scholarship UK website here.

I wish good luck to all the people who are aiming to become part of Chevening this year.


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