Venom movie tom hardy as eddie brock (Image credit heros fact)

Venom is the new Hollywood sensation

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Your next super hero Venom is going to hit Cinema soon

We all love Hollywood heroes. Don’t we?

So superheroes fans embrace yourself as new hero named Venom is going to hit cinemas soon.

Venom movie is featuring Tom Hardy the star from The Dark Knight Rises movie where he was performing as Bane. Of course, he did a fabulous job and we can imagine the level of performance he is going to perform in Venom.

The official teaser trailer is out now and we can get some clues about the Venom movie from it.

The trailer pictures the golden bridge, making it sure that film has been pictured in San Francisco and Bay Area. The symbiote combines with Eddie, giving him the power to deal with various situations and people.

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As seen, he is working as a television reporter in the Venom movie. Carlton Drake is running the Life Foundation and its operation where he is interesting in creating a bond between aliens and human breeds. We were able to hear three voices in the teaser trailer – one of Eddie Brock, one of Alien when communicating with Eddie and one of Venom himself. This shows that the alien symbiote has its own agenda and can speak directly with the character. He says to Eddie, “We can do whatever we want.”

In addition, the poster of the film depicts the transformation of Eddie Brock to Venom.

The sensation that this teaser trailer has created is giving us a hint that this movie is going to be the best. Stay tuned for more updates about the movie.


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