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Unlock the power of foods to get glowing skin

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The skin care industry is growing at a fast pace all across the globe, where people spend millions of dollars to get flawless and glowing skin. Although, no need to spend bucks on these chemical products when you can keep your skin looking radiant with foods.

If truth be told these products have chemicals that harm your skin and cause different skin diseases. Many people do not realize that the foods we eat have more impact on our skin than the creams we put on. Eating right would help you to shine from inside out. Today we are sharing a list of foods with you that will give you glowing skin in no time. Let’s have a look at them:

Foods to get glowing skin naturally


Eggs are packed with vitamins that are good for your skin, hair and finger nails. According to various studies they protect us from acne and other skin issues. The two key nutrients present in the egg are choline and lutein that keep your skin smooth, young and flawless.


Ever wonder why people who eat salmon have beautiful skin? Salmon contains a nutrient known as dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) that is really good for our skin. It strengthens cell membrane and protects from premature aging, making it more firm and toned. It also protects from skin sagging and wrinkle formation.

Citrus fruits

All the citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits etc. have high amount of vitamin C in them and it does wonders on your skin. Also boosts the collagen production that results into glowing skin. It protects from the skin damage caused by the pollution and sun. A single grape fruit has more than 100% of the recommended daily value for vitamin C. A key to perfect skin is in your kitchen.          

Broccoli, spinach, and Brussels sprouts

Green leafy vegetables are packed with alpha lipoic acid and antioxidants. These anti-aging agents decreasing under-eye circles, puffiness, redness and blotches, making your skin glowing and beautiful.


These tiny red fruits are a powerful source of the antioxidant lycopene. They are perfect to protect your skin from the skin damage caused by sun. According to various studies people who use tomatoes often as a part of their diet have minimal sun damage as compared to people who do not use it. The cooked tomatoes are better for your health because it increases its lycopene level. Adding tomato sauces and soups in your diet will give you glowing skin.


This wonderful fruit has more antioxidant than any other fruit to keep your skin glowing. They also protect against memory loss, cardiovascular disease and cancer. In simple words, they are good for your entire body.


The omega 3 fatty acids present in walnuts are exactly what our body needs. It protects your cell membrane, making it strong and smooth. That results into a smooth and beautiful skin.

It is not hard to get glowing skin when you have all of these ingredients present in your kitchen.


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