Travel on buses running over coffee beans

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What would be your reaction after knowing that the bus you are traveling on is running on coffee?

You would be stunned for a moment. I am pretty sure.

A London based startup bio-bean is collecting coffee waste to convert it into liquid fuels. This fuel will be used in the buses of London to protect air from further pollution, an environment friendly approach that would be beneficial in long run.

The bio-bean startup is using a biochemical process to extract oil from the coffee grounds and the remaining extract can also be burnet in the as fuel in the wood burners.

The place where people consume tons of coffee daily this incredible idea would enable UK to get benefit from bio fuel. The increase in traffic and buildings are the main factors that lead to low air quality in this place. Although the London Mayer is taking bold steps to decrease air pollution from the city but this toxic air is a health hazard. Every year many people all across the UK die from the toxic air they breathe in. The usage of these bio fuels in buses will improve the air quality.

Many countries around the world are taking benefit from these bio fuels such as Switzerland for a greener future. The European countries are producing biodiesel since 1992. Now, this technology will work in real time to run buses all across the United Kingdom.


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