Travel hacks everyone should know

Travel Hacks everyone should know

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Looking to pack for your next journey abroad?  Whether you are aiming to go somewhere inside the city or far away from your home abroad these tips will make your adventure a bit easier. We have comprised a list of hacks that will help you in long run.

  • Put your contact details, companion details and emergency numbers on a paper and paste them at the back of your phone. You can also put it into the phone cover. Lost your phone? Don’t you worry you have contact details attached with it.
  • When looking for flights online turn private browsing on. The travel and ticket websites track visitors and when you visit them twice or thrice their prices increase automatically.
  • Never waste the space inside your shoes. Use it to put socks or other stuff to save space.
  • Roll your shirts, pants and towels to make extra space in your backpack.
  • Put an empty water bottle inside your luggage and refill it after the security check. There is no need to pay for the water when you are going on a journey.
  • Take the scan of your passport and email it to your partner and to yourself.
  • Keeping a dryer sheet in your bag will help you to get rid from the weird smell that comes into the cloths after packing for long.
  • Every country has their different taste and food. What if you are travelling to a place and they do not love spices. Use straws to put spices with you and enjoy the food.
  • The tic toc containers are a good place to keep small items like hair pins, jewelry etc.
  • Last but not the least do something for a homeless present in the country you have gone. Even buying a food is a beautiful act to talk about.


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