top reasons why you are not losing weight

Top reasons why you are not losing weight?

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Are you on a journey to lose weight? Do you feel losing weight is too hard when you see no progress? Keep reading because you may be doing these mistakes while losing weight journey.

Weight loss can be considered as a most controversial issue in our world. Everyone is searching for ways to lose weight without health damages. There is no doubt that avoiding French fries, burgers, ice creams and cakes can be considered as a hard job for many people out there. But what if you have started to avoid all of them but still there is no change in your overall weight…

An alarming situation for many of us so today in our blog we are sharing the top mistakes that you do while striving to lose weight. Here are the reasons why you are not losing weight:

Less Water Intake

Many people claim that they left eating oily things as well as sweet desserts but there is no difference in their weight. The main issue is that they left all the bad things but did not start a healthy water drinking routine. Water has the ability to flush out all the toxins from our body. It keeps you fit, healthy and above all slim. Make water part of your routine and the best way is to keep a water bottle with you so you will not forget drinking it.

If you are too lazy in doing exercise and dieting but still want to lose weight then have a look at our water diet article to lose weight.

No Exercise

Even if you are following a diet plan you need to make exercise part of your routine. Many people assume that only going to gym is the right way to do any exercise. You are wrong because walking and running are also considered as best exercises. Try to run or walk for at least 15 minutes in a day to see a difference in your weight loss.

Bad sleeping routine

You will not believe but sleeping is mandatory if you are looking to lose weight. Without proper sleeping routine you can lose weight even if you follow strict dieting routine. Lack of sleep can be considered as the main factor that leads to obesity. It helps you to stay in a better mental and physical health.

Starvation in the name of dieting

The most common reason for many people for not losing weight is that they start to starve rather than dieting. Eating a breakfast and skipping lunch will not provide you benefits. The chances are that you will eat more during your dinner and it result into weight gain rather than weight loss. Make a balanced routine where you have moderate parts of the meal during whole day. Starving will cost you in long run resulting into health issues.

No Healthy Eating routine

Keep a check on things that you eat during your weight loss period. Try to include green fleshy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Make boiled egg part of your routine and enjoy whatever you eat. Avoid artificial fruit juices and alcohol because the sugar present in them will help in weight gain rather than weight loss.


Losing weight is a long term process that requires patience and planning. Follow the diet or exercise routine happily for at least thirty days to start seeing changes in your body. Some people have different body types that show effects soon while some may see the changes later. But do not lose hope and live a happy life.


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