top 3 tips to win every interview

Top 3 Tips to win every Interview

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Job hunting can be overwhelming for many people due to the challenges it is comprised of. This new phase is quite different from your educational phase. So be well prepared to win this new journey with our precious tips.

When you start your job hunting then you need to cope up all the difficulties to land your dream job. Even if you do not have the required experience you can still wow your employer.

Therefore, we are sharing some cool tips that will help you to prove your worth in front of the employer. Here they are   

Tell us about yourself

This is the most common question that almost every employer asks in interview. The basic purpose of asking this question is to measure your communication and professional skills. The best way to deal with this question is to explain your education, professional background, skills and experience in the best possible way.

You can answer this question in a way like

“I am abc and I have done BBA from xyz university. I have marketing and sales skills that you are looking for. In university i have arranged many seminars and events as an event organizer.”

Your greatest strength

Take this question as a powerful tool to make your place in the company. Before going to the interview always read the job description carefully to examine what they are looking for. Craft your answer according to their needs and simply amaze them.

For example if they are looking for someone that can work in a team then elaborate that “you are a team player but you can also work independently.”    

Why you want to work here?  

Always read about the company, their culture and services before heading for a job interview. The employer asks this to get deep insight about your interest in the company. Show them that you got the time to research about their company. Read carefully about their work, services, clients they have dealt with etc.    

These are the three key points that will help you to stand out from the crowd. Also remember that confidence is the key whenever you are going for an interview. Show them that you are confident enough to get the position and it will be yours.


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