How to speed up your phone within few minutes?

Tips and Tricks to speed up your phone within few minutes ?

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You have got new phone that works with the speed of the rocket and you are over moon. But with passage of time that speedy device turns into turtle and you need to take some measures to speed up your phone.

Rather than looking for new phone you can try our tips to speed up your phone.

There is no need to worry about slow android, windows or IPhone. You can resolve slow mobile issue in less than 5 minutes by using our tips and tricks. These tips will help you to speed up mobile phone in no time with ease.

Free up some space

Delete unnecessary apps from your mobile phone to speed up your device. These apps take extra space in your storage and make your device slow. There is no need to put all those apps in your device if you are not using them. Get rid from them to speed up your device.

Keep an eye on your downloads

Sometimes while browsing opening of spam websites results into download of spamy files. These files stay in your phone and you do not even know about them. Always check your download folder when you feel that your device is getting too slow. Deleting these extra files will speed up your phone in no time.


Viruses whether found in your computer or phones are a total headache. They damage data files as well as your Sd card. They also take extra space in your phone and make it slow to use. Scan your phone regularly to delete these viruses from your device and speed up your device.

Data Saver mode in Chrome

Most of the people use Chrome for browsing purpose over phone. But many people are not aware that it has a data saver mode that lets you to speed up your device. It shrinks pages 30% and videos 50% to give you the speed that you desire for. Turn it for speedy browsing over your phone.

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Restart your device

Last but not the least is to simply restart your mobile phone. It can be considered as the most common tip followed all over the world. It will clear your cache, shut downs all unnecessary apps and your device not only speed up but also runs smoothly.


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