tips to increase the wifi speed

Tips and Tricks to increase the WIFI speed

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Do you want to increase the wifi speed? Many of us use it in our daily life. If we ask people about its importance then many will say that they cannot even live without it. Various surveys have proved that wifi has become the essential part of our lives.

Today everyone looks for ways to stay connected and wifi is the most common way of doing it. But a slow wifi can be a serious headache especially when you are doing something important. There are so many people out there who work as a freelancer and rely over wifi. Yes how can we forget about the gamers. Therefore we are sharing tips and tricks that will help you to increase the wifi speed. Here they are:

Right place for Router

Many of us are not familiar with the fact that router should be kept at open places. We put them at the closed ends where signals do not get the right route to spread across. Avoid this common mistake by placing your router at the central position of your home or office to increase the wifi speed.

The radio waves spread in the outward direction and the central position will allow them to go out in all directions easily.

Away from Electronic Devices

You will be surprised because most of us keep wifi with the laptop or PC. The electronic devices interact with the signals causing them to slow down. Keeping it away from these devices will increase the wifi speed.

Higher than ground

The router should be placed higher than the ground location to increase the wifi speed. The reason is that many metals, cement and other floor materials slow down your wifi signals. So keeping your router on the floor will never be a good option. Place it on the wall or keep it at the higher location.

Signal Strength

If you want to know about the strength of your signals then there are so many apps out there. Download one of those app on your device and check that how strong your device signals are.

Play with Antenna

Do you have have both of the antennas pointing in the same direction? The good part is that changing the location of you antennas will help you to better catch the wifi signals at your mobile or laptop. This will eventually increase the wifi speed.

Trying all of these tips will help you to increase the Wifi speed in no time. If you liked our article then share it with your friends and family.


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