Things you need to know about Mercedes AMG Project One

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Calling all the cars lovers out there…

Who would not love to know about cars and what if it is Mercedes. I guess no one….

The sleek design and beautiful looks of Mercedes-AMG Project One will drive every car lover crazy. The awesome roof features are taken from the Formula 1 and its door open in the forward and upward direction like racing cars. This was unveiled at the International Motor Show by Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and Head of Mercedes-Benz Dieter Zetsche that was conducted in Germany.

Today we are going to share the awesome features of Mercedes-AMG Project One with you. It is one of the best cars having Formula 1 hybrid technology along with efficiency that you desire. It reaches the top speeds of 350 km/h along with over 1,000 PS.

The high performance drive system introduced in the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is taken from the Formula 1. One turbo engine combined with the four electric motors presents the best combination to provide you the best driving experience.

Another unique feature is that Mercedes-AMG Project ONE has the speed of 11,000 rpm that no road gong car has right now. They have used pneumatic valve springs to ensure high speed engine in the vehicle.

It has the capacity to travel up to 25 kilometers on just electric power. The state of the art technology used in Mercedes-AMG Project ONE will provide you the driving experience of future.


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