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Taste Turkish Food in Islamabad

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Food is considered to be an important part of our culture. Every day we are on the lookout to taste something new to warm up our taste buds. Apart from the traditional dishes have you ever stepped out to enjoy Turkish Food?         

Turkish food is not only unique in taste but also offers an unforgettable texture. Therefore, they have become our next favorite food to talk about.

It has also become go-to food whenever looking to get a quick bite or to eat while travelling. The unforgettable taste and strong flavors of Turkish Cuisine have made it one the most delighting food to ever try.

If you are also looking to have Turkish food then My Doner, Safa Gold Mall would be the best option, a place that will actually hit the spot. 

Keep reading to find more about the great taste of My Doner.

Turkish Eatery My Doner

Tasting Turkish food from My Doner will make you regret that why you did not try it before. Located inside Safa Gold Mall, it can be considered as the matchless food restaurant.

Doner Kebab at My Doner, Safa Gold Mall

Turkish restaurant, My Doner menu is dominated by Turk flavored dishes including Doner kebabs, Baklava, Sekerpare, Trilece, Turkish Chicken Roast, BarBQ and much more. Whether you want to enjoy dine in experience or want it as a food to go, best in both ways.

Spoiled for Choice

Are you thinking about getting a quick meal? My Doner would be the best place that serves numerous tasty Turkish Doner kebabs to customers. Served with fries, drinks, salad and variety of sauces their Doner tastes so dandy to describe.

The Doners that are currently served at My Doner are Ekmek Arasi, Bursa Doner and Durum Doner. You also have a fine choice to have shawarma platters available in both Beef and Chicken. Consider mix shawarma platter to enjoy two flavors in one plate. The Turkish Tea is also incomparable. Long short story, there is variety of Turkish food to choose from.      

My Doner Menu

Turkish Pides are a new kind of Pizza

My Doner serves a new kind of pizza that is boat shaped and offers appetizing taste. Chicken, Cheese, Minced meat, or mix pide what would you like to have? Mix pizza is all about various flavors at one place. Do you know how? Have you ever seen pizza with cheese, minced meat, egg and chicken all together? Give it a try and you would love it.   

Turkish food has evolved a new way to serve a pizza that is not round. The boat shaped pizza looks too exciting to try.  

Wide Choice for Sweet Tooth

Get a broad choice to satisfy your sweet tooth through variety of Turkish desserts at My Doner. Some of the most famous are Bakilava, Kunafa, Trilece, Sekerpare and Revani. All of these are too yummy to describe with loads of flavor that you will never forget.     

Turkish cookies Sekerpare at My Doner Islamabad
Sekerpare at My Doner, Safa Gold Mall

The Turkish sweet delights offer a taste that is completely different and amazing.

Chefs are Magicians

The taste of this place is so unique and pleasant, never making you feel that it is the imitation of the real Turkish Food. The reason is that they have qualified chefs from Turkmenistan who know the magic of bringing taste in food.   

The chefs plus trained staff are the back bone of this place to create customer experience as close to feel like eating somewhere at Turkey.

Last but not the least some of the Turkish food items are cheap as chips making it the best option for students and teenagers. In a nutshell, they make such amazing food that it is selling like hot cakes.  

Above all give My Doner a try whenever visiting the beautiful and best shopping spot Safa Gold Mall, Jinnah Super F7 Islamabad.


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