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TalentRaters is the biggest Social Media Website for Artists

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TalentRaters is a social media website for Arts that is specially designed and developed for all the talented people from across the globe. The good part is that it is totally free and gives you the opportunity to let the world know about your skills. We got the chance to talk with Joseph C. Bennett the owner of TalentRaters social media website for Arts so let’s jump to that.   

Q. Tell us about yourself.

I am Joseph C. Bennett, Owner of TalentRaters® (TR) social media website for Arts and TR MAGAZINE and I will be 45 years old on January 18th 2019.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry but have always had a deep love for the arts.  I have been playing drums for 34 years but my true passion is singing and I am currently the lead singer of rock band, Rize After the Fall.

Q. What was the reason that pushed you to start this project?

I created TalentRaters® in 2014 because I wanted to help more of the world’s top talents to get discovered and famous.  I also wanted to create a premium wholesome art gallery that even children can use because there are virtually no platforms safe enough for children to use.  During this timeframe, I had a boss that made my life, and the lives of other colleagues, miserable so it was the perfect opportunity to start my own talent business.

Q. How this idea came into your mind?

I had wanted to do my own online business for some time but couldn’t decide what to do then suddenly it all made sense.  I decided to make a business based on music and the arts.  I wanted the name to be very unique and catchy and remember playing with many name combinations until I came up with TalentRaters social media website for Arts and it just felt right.

Q. How you define your social platform?

The TalentRaters® Social site is officially known as The TalentRaters® Social Site for the Arts (TRSSA).  It is a site for artists and talents of every type around the world.  A premium online art gallery if you will where artists are encouraged to post their best videos, audios, and images with a chance for them to be featured on the TR homepage located at www.talentraters.com. One of the nicest things about the TR Social website is that no negative and harmful posts are allowed whatsoever!

  • No Porn!
  • No Animal Cruelty!
  • No Bullying
  • No Child Abuse
  • No Murders or Suicides

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The TRSSA also offers:

  • Unlimited Friending
  • Users can Sign up as a Fan, Talent, or a Talent Seeker
  • TR Chatroom: chat with fellow artists and collaborate.
  • Nearby: allows you to locate fellow artists in your area
  • Full Visibility
  • Create groups and pages
  • Online Publication Opportunities
  • The opportunity to be featured in TR MAGAZINE (printed and online)

*Our minimum target audience is 150,000 users/month which will lead to the acquisition of investors and allow us to do the following including TalentRaters® top talents around the world with a primary emphasis on the United States:

  • TR Talent Contests
  • TR Dance Competitions
  • TR Fashion Shows
  • TR Concerts
  • TR Music Videos
  • TR Commercials
  • TR Movies and Short Movies
  • TR News Coverage of major events

It has always been TalentRater’s® dream to have its own brick and mortar 5,000 sq foot building with its own dance floor, recording studio, and green room.

Q. What inspires you most to become a successful person?

God inspires me to be a successful person primarily, and then my wife, kids, family members, friends, supporters, and artists throughout the world.  I am also fortunate to say that I have the greatest staff in the world that wants nothing more than for the TalentRaters® social media website for Arts to succeed big and become a Fortune 500 Company!

Q. What was the most difficult thing to face as a new business?

The most difficult thing as an online business is getting proper visibility.  There are over 350 million websites on the internet and sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn are monopolizing the internet forcing small business and artists to pay for visibility and this is very difficult for most to afford on a regular basis.

Q. Where you see yourself in upcoming years?

Of course my hope is to see myself as the Owner of a very successful established TalentRaters® business.  However, at the moment we are sitting on the bubble.  Our new TR social media website for Arts launched on November 23, 2018 after being down for approximately 7months and any business being down for that long can mean death but we are hopeful to hit our target of 150,000 users per month.  In short I guess we are at the point in the ocean where we will either sink or swim. 

Q. One piece of advice that you would like to give to young people?

My advice to you young entrepreneurs would be before you start your own businesses, think it out properly and have a solid business plan.  If you are not business savy, you can lose or shall I say waste much money quickly.  If you are very serious about starting your own business then I would highly recommend going to college for business.  Here are 3 top schools to consider 1. National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) 2. Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship 3. Babson College.  The more you know, the more you will grow as a business.

Q. What you would like to say about Buzzworld.club?

Buzzworld.com is a great site for helping startup businesses get the exposure they deserve. We can say that TR social media website is one of the best social platforms to engage with fellow singers, musicians, actors, producers and directors etc. No other platform will give you the chance to get more exposure for your skills but TR social site. So sign up today on Trs.talentraters.com and if you need more assistance then you can also contact us.


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