How to Speed up mobile internet in Chrome ?

Speed up mobile internet? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

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Do you want to speed up your mobile internet? If yes then keep reading because you are at right place.

We cannot deny that internet is playing a significant role in our lives where everyone is found to be connected through their mobile devices. The 3G and 4G have connected the entire world, making it global village. People stay connected over facebook, Instagram, snap chat and many other social networks through mobile internet. But the main concern here is the speed of internet that they wish to speed up.

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Whether you are browsing, streaming or messaging with your friends the speed of internet plays vital role. Today in our article we will share with you the trick to speed up your internet by using chrome browser.

The chrome browser has a data saver mode that enables you to save up to 30% data and speed up browsing. It shrinks the Google pages 30% and videos 50% and lets you to enjoy fast browsing as well as streaming.

How to turn data saver mode in Chrome to speed up Internet ?

Chrome is the most common browser that mostly people love to have. But they do not know that it offers a data saver feature that helps to speed up your internet.

You can easily turn on the data saver mode in chrome to speed up your mobile internet. Just go to the Chrome setting and click on data saver mode. Turn it on to speed up internet on your device. This will also resolve lag issue that you may face while browsing.

So within minutes your will feel that your browsing speed has increased. In short, this method will help you to get high speed browsing experience in no time.

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