makeup mistakes that age you

Makeup mistakes that age you

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When it comes to cutting a dash by using the art of makeup many people do not know what it is all about. From parties, weddings and office to daily routine there is no place where you prefer to go without makeup, making it a vital part of your life. But do you know there are various makeup mistakes that age you?

Remember as you age your same makeup routine will not work for you. The looks once used to steal the hearts will hold you back from looking good. The wrong choice and makeup combination can age you rather than complimenting your features. Here are some points to keep in mind when decking out next time.   

Foundation choice

One of the most vital makeup items has the power to decrease or increase your age.

When it comes to foundation the best way is to look for the one that best fits according to your skin tone. Choosing more vibrant will create mask while choosing too dark will get tanned. When talking about the makeup mistakes skipping foundation is another one.

The right foundation will give your skin a nice texture, hiding all the problem areas. Always do a skin test before choosing any foundation and pick the color as close to the skin tone as possible.

Wrong Lipstick color

Makeup trends change but that won’t mean that every style will work for you. If we talk about dark shades then thin lips never look good in that. The matt texture also highlights the dryness and lines over the lips. According to various makeup experts the dark lipstick shades make your laugh lines more prominent.   

If you love to put lip liners then avoid overdoing it. The main purpose of lip liner is to define your lips making them more attractive to look. But putting so much lip liner is one of the makeup mistakes that we do.     

Keeping your lips moisturized will help you to get rid from dryness. Consider putting a balm on your lips as a night routine to maintain that natural pinky glow.

Eye Liner

There are so many mistakes and one of showing tiredness through eyes.

Eye liner can hide or highlight your tiredness. Do you wonder how? Putting eye liner under the eyes shows tiredness and highlights dark circles. Also making your eyes to look small so putting eye liner under the eyes is a big no.

Using eye liner for the upper eye part opens your eyes and makes them look bigger. You can also go for cat eyes to get a trendy yet fabulous look.

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The dark eyes have less flattery effect on some people, adding additional years in your over all look. As you grow old the lighter shades can do wonders for you because less is sometimes more. The other good colors for eye liners are grey, blue and brown.   


Blushing is good but over blushing is never. At one point it brings a cheerful look to your complexion if practiced properly but on the other hand over applied blushing can add additional years in your look.

Make it as natural as you can by using the soft colors such as peach, pink etc. No matter what kind of skin tone you have these two colors will flatter you.

While applying the blush on your face tap the brush first so you will get rid from the excessive powder so it won’t look harsh.

Rule of the thumb is to do make up in such a way that will help you to stand out from the crowd also adding a cheerful and young look.

These are the makeup mistakes that age you and you wonder that what is wrong with your looks. If you any other makeup mistake then let me know in the comments below.


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