make your dark circles disappear from makeup

Make your dark circles disappear from Makeup

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Every morning you open up your eyes and get worried about the dark circles/bags underneath your eyes. Fresh cucumber slices or cold tea bags are no longer required to get rid from those puffy eyes. No need to rush around the home and getting late for the office again when you have the solution in your makeup kit.   

Ever wonder how girls over TV, movies and Instagram look so adorable without even having a single clue of dark circles. Do they take care of their eyes in real life or use the power of make up to get what they want for?

Sometime people get dark circles as a gift from their ancestors and they never go no matter how hard they try so in this case getting to know the right makeup application is the only solution.

Are you also looking for ways to hide your dark circles as a pro?  

Remember it is not just about getting the most expensive makeup kits present in the market but to learn the makeup tricks that work for you. Concealer if used properly helps to get a no makeup look, hiding all the problem areas of the face.   

The major problem that we all face is that we put the concealer and that goes somewhere after few hours and we take it as a worthless item to consider for next time.

Concealer can be the game changer in your makeup kit. The right concealer application will make your spots and dark circles disappear in no time.

No one would like to have heavy and puffy eyes when thinking to show up in a party or wedding. Even in your daily life they look horrible adding couple of years in your real age. So ladies here we are sharing the tips for applying concealer correctly every time like a professional makeup artist.

Foundation is the key

How can someone skip the foundation when talking about the perfect makeup? Your makeup without foundation is incomplete as it provides you a canvas to move ahead.

It is mandatory that you choose a perfect tone when looking for foundations. The first and the foremost step in hiding dark circle is putting foundation over your face firmly. Remember that do not overdo it otherwise it will reveal dark circles rather than hiding them. 

Triangle magic

As the name suggest you are going to make a triangle in this method. After applying any foundation over the face take the concealer and make a triangle outline under your eyes.

Now fill this triangle with the concealer and blend equally. Apply a good face powder to get the perfect look.   

Now move to the daily makeup routine that you follow.  

Play with dots

This step is a bit easier as compared to the first one. Start your makeup routine and put any foundation over the face. Now take the concealer and make dots over the dark circles.

Blend it evenly moving from the inner side to the outward. Put any face powder over your face and you are done.     

Hiding dark circles with these tips is as easy as pie. Most of the professional makeup artists use it in this way to make your favorite personalities look flawless. But these makeup methods will abolish the dark circles but this is a temporary solution. Proper sleep will help to make your eyes look fresh and vibrant every morning.  


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