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Interview with Circus Zambia

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We got the chance to take an exclusive interview of Circus Zambia and their meeting with the prince Harry.

Q. Tell us about yourself.
Charlotte Groen, 32, originally from the Netherlands. I have a BA in interdisciplinary social science and a Master in Urban Sociology. I worked in the Dutch development sector and came to Zambia on a short time project, where I met the other founders of Circus Zambia.

Gift Chansa, 28, from Chibolya, Zambia. Grade 12 Kamwala High School, diploma in Project Management NIPA and studied circus in China and the Netherlands. I started acrobatics in the street with Amos and Benard and then we got invited by Barefeet Theatre to perform with them. Through that we traveled the world, got inspired and exposed to Circus. We wanted to start the Circus to give young people from our community a chance to dream bigger

Amos Malokwa, 25, from Chibolya Zambia. Studied circus in China. I started acrobatics when I was young and when we got more known we saw how kids were inspired. That’s why we started Circus Zambia.Benard Kaumba, 30, from Chibolya Zambia. Grade 12, currently enrolled in ZICAS. Studied circus in China. By starting the circus we wanted to kill the bad reputation of chibolya and show that Chibolya is just a compound with normal people.

Q. What exactly is Circus Zambia?
Circus Zambia is a social circus company. Our mission is to support young people from vulnerable
backgrounds trough circus, by providing training, education, employment and life skill support. We want
to unleash their potential to become change makers and make the world a better place. Our website is

Q. How you started Circus Zambia?
Back in 2015 we started Circus Zambia. We knew each other through work with Barefeet Theatre and started talking about a social circus. Our combined skills made sure we could develop different aspects
of the program, such as the circus, the social part etc. we started by just doing it. We started meeting every week and discussing what our plans where, what our name should be, what our mission should be
etc. Because Amos, Gift and Benard were well known in their community the young people were saying
‘’teach us what you do’’, so that was our starting point. There was a demand from young people so we said ‘how can we ensure that the enthusiasm of this young people can lead to changing Chibolya and the lives of many many people’?. That’s how we came up with the circus and its social aspects. We then just went step by step, registered, started sending out brochures and info etc. A big influence was an exchange program we organized with a USA circus in 2016, this was our first big program and ended up making a big difference in our development.

Q. What was the most difficult thing that you faced after starting Circus Zambia?
The most difficult thing is that people didn’t know much about circus here in Zambia so we needed to
explain much.

Q. One piece of advice that you would like to give to people who are thinking to start something new.
Our advice would be just to start doing this. Things can look daunting in the beginning, you think you can never do this. But just break things down in steps and start and you will be fine. Another advice is make sure you rely on your team and find people to support you. Talk about your ideas and what you wanna do. Be bold and be brave, so people can understand your vision and ‘sign on’ to it.

Q. How you feel about your meeting with Prince Harry? Explain about your experience.
It was really inspiring. It was interesting because it was such a big event with a lot of preparation. And then he steps out of the car and you are all nervous, but he is actually a really nice, down to eart person and makes you feel comfortable. It was inspiring for the young people that we work with to be recognized on such a level and to have the chance to speak to him.

Q. What you would like to say about
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