Internal Linking for Content Marketing seo and high page rank in google

Internal Linking for Content Marketing SEO

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Who would not like its website to be on the first page of Google?

From the concept of internal linking to ways of bringing traffic there is so much to talk about. Do not say that I did not warn you because we are going to dive deep into the internal linking topic. At the end you all will do the internal linking of your website because I will make link building as simple as ABC for you. 

Internal linking is part of seo (search engine optimization) one of the powerful technique that can be practiced on an ongoing basis. When people start to research about the content marketing and seo they feel like this is really a complicated concept.

What is internal linking?

Internal linking is the process of linking one age with another on the same website. The source and domain will be the same in this process.

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Why you need Internal linking?

It helps you to rank better making it easy for the Google spider to index the website. Also your visitors jump easily from one page to another without any hassle. Here is an example

Now do internal linking of your website   

So are you ready to get deep insight about the process of internal linking. Let me explain you that the simplest internal linking that you do is pointing visitors to the contact us page. You link your home or about page with the contact us page.

As a blogger you have a fair chance of creating as many internal links as you want. You can easily connect your posts with each other that will not only increase page views but also internal linking for content marketing and seo (search engine optimization). 

Basically when a page refers to the other page through link building then it passed credibility to that page. In search engine optimization it is known as authority. In simple words you are giving that page the authority that helps in ranking over Google. So through internal linking you help your pages to rank better in serp.

When it comes to internal linking there is no magic number to mention. It totally depends upon your content nature and length. I usually put just one internal link into my posts that takes readers to another relevant article.

While working on the internal linking strategy always remember that your internal link should be relevant to the content you are currently working on. For example connecting a sports article with a beauty article is not going to look cool.

Insert internal links at the appropriate place where it makes sense other put it separately with the text like read more or also read etc.

If you need more assistance in learning about internal linking then feel free to drop us a line at or leave your questions in the comments below. Share with your friends and family to help them learn something new.     

In our next article we will learn about external links so keep visiting our blog.  


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