Fair and clear skin with miracle mask

I got fair and clear skin with this Miracle Mask

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It is every girl dream to have a fair and clear skin that everyone would love. Would you like to get beautiful and fair skin without any skin damage with natural ingredients? If yes then keep reading because wonderful things are on its way.   

Today I will share my own secret miracle mask that gave me fair and clear skin in no time.

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All the creams present in the market promise to give you fair skin but do they really work? They may give you good result for a short period that later results into skin and hormonal damage. Your skin will look good during the time period you use them and when you leave them the skin either goes to the original complexion or in the worst condition than before. So is it a wise choice?    

Therefore we are going to share a miracle mask with you that contain natural ingredients. All of these ingredients will make your skin fair and clear in no time.

I have personally used this mask and it really gave me best results. Now it is your turn.   

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  • Wheat flour 1 tsp
  • Honey half tsp
  • Milk 1 tbsp
  • Lemon Juice (optional) few drops  


Take all the ingredients and mix them to make a smooth paste.

Put the paste on your face and leave it till it dries.

Now wet your hand and rub slowly for a fair and clear skin.

This miracle mask is really effective for all skin types. If you do not like lemon juice then you can skip it because the remaining ingredients will also work. If you have dry skin then put any moisturizer after the mask.

Remember the effectiveness of the mask totally depends on the routine. Everyone has different skin types so use it for at least 14 days to see a drastic change in your skin resulting into fair and clear skin. It really works but all you need is patience.

The continuous use of this miracle mask will surely give you a fair and clear skin. 


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