how to increase twitter followers free

How to increase twitter followers free ?

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As a new business, brand or blogger you always look for ways to increase your social reach. No matter how good your website content is that won’t work for you until you promote that through social media channels. When it comes to marketing twitter can be considered as a powerful tool. Therefore, we will share various tips and tricks to increase twitter followers.

If you are looking for various tips and tricks to increase twitter followers then keep reading. Handling the twitter account in the right way will bring real value for you. There is no need to spend bucks to increase twitter followers when you can achieve your results through right strategy.

Here are the ways through which you can boost your twitter game.

Follow Strategy

In most of the cases follow strategy is the one that works. You follow couple of people and they follow you back. You can repeat this process daily for few minutes to see a positive change in the followers range. Follow more people every day until you see the desired results.

The right way of doing this is that follow people from the same interest or domain. For example if you are a food blogger then most probably people interested in food will follow you back. This will give you optimal results.

Retweet Communities

There are numerous Retweet communities over the twitter. They connect with fellow bloggers and promote their content. Follow them, use their hashtag or tag them in your post so they will retweet your content. It helps you to get more exposure and of course, it will increase twitter followers.

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Fellow Bloggers

Connect with fellow bloggers in your community. Share and promote their content and in return they will do the same for you. Your content will get more eye balls and visibility. It will increase your twitter followers.


Hashtags can be considered as an important part of twitter world. No tweet is complete without hashtags and it is vital to put trendy plus relatable hashtags in your tweets. They also help you to appear in search and increase twitter followers. Suppose a person is looking for fashion blogs and you put #fashionblog in every tweet then you will start to appear in the search over twitter. All the people searching through #fashionblog will find you and chances are that they will follow you too.

Publish good content

Content is the king when it comes to marketing. You can never spend dollars on a content that has no value. Put yourself in the audience show and realize that what they want to read. Catering to their needs will help you to increase twitter followers. If they will not see valuable content then they will not take interest in following your account.

Nice caption

The nice caption plays the same role as the heading of your article. Always spend some time in making nice caption of your article. It attracts new followers and people take interest in your account. Did you notice that top brands have attractive tweets that you love to read? This trick will also play the magic for you to increase twitter followers.

Twitter Bio

Your bio should speak about your brand. No one would like to follow a brand that has no clear vision or description. Write a short but descriptive bio about yourself or business. Also include your website in the profile section. It will make them feel that you are a real brand or person. It will help you to increase twitter followers.

When it comes to scheduling then Hootsuite can be considered as one of the best tool. It allows you to post your tweets even when you are away or on holidays. The more content you schedule, the more visibility you are going to get that will increase twitter followers.

If you use any other technique to increase your twitter followers then share in the comment section below.


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