guide to write perfect ask letter for sponsored article or review

Guide to write an ask letter for sponsored article/review

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Many people underestimate the power of blogging saying that please do something else for living. But is that true? These words force you to think about your life choices twice.

In blogging one of the most powerful tools is to collaborate with the brand and increase your visibility. It will also help you to earn handsome amount of money by asking them for sponsored article/review on your blog.

The first step in writing sponsored article/review is to look for appropriate brands. After researching about the brands that you want to collaborate with the next step would be to contact them through ask letter email. But is it enough to write a simple email and invite them to collaborate with you?

If you put yourself in other brands shoe then the answer would be no.

Always remember that your ask letter should be strong enough to make them believe that choosing you for the sponsored article/review is worth the time and money. Therefore, I have written a complete guide to provide you guidance in writing your first ask letter.

Take the ask letter as a golden opportunity to grab the attention of the company. The important points that you should include in your ask letter are following:

  • Your Name
  • Blog Name And Link
  • Traffic Stats
  • Blog Social Media Platforms
  • Blog Articles Categories 

Put as much detail as possible to describe about your blog. You can also make a beautiful and professional media kit of your blog and attach that with the email.

According to various people the right day to contact brands for sponsored article/review is Sunday because on Monday your email will be on top and there will more chances of getting your words heard. 

If you want us to help you in writing your ask letter for sponsored article/review then you can contact us today at  


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