grumpy-cat died at age seven

Grumpy Cat Died

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One of the most famous grumpy cat died at the age of seven. Indeed a heartbreaking news for all the cat lovers out there.  

Within a short span of time grumpy cat became the most popular cat of the Internet. Thousands of memes around the world started to spread after the appearance of grumpy cat. The owner of cat announced the death with broken heart over Twitter this Friday.

“We are unimaginably heartbroken to announce the loss of our beloved Grumpy Cat,” said by the owner of grumpy cat.

According to various source grumpy cat was facing urinary tract infection. The cat was going through medical care by the top professionals but still the problem became too hard to handle. She was not able to cope up with this infection issue and passed away.

The real name of grumpy cat was Tardar Sauce. This cat became famous when its owner shared its pictures over a social media platform named Reddit in September 2012. In just 2 days there were 1,030,000 views. Like a jungle fire cat pictures spread and people started to photo shopped the pictures of this cat. The grumpy cat became the internet celebrity.

The cat also traveled around the world and appeared on Television as well. In 2014 the cat was seen in its own Christmas Film as a leading star. An American actress Aubrey Plaza played the role for the voice in this movie. The star also showed its love for the grumpy cat over Instagram.

Grumpy cat memes are the reason that spread giggles and laughter around the world in so many ways. The cat has millions of followers over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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