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We love games and what can be better than getting them free. Yes, today in our article we are sharing a list of games that you can get free.

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Game of thrones

Game of thrones season one is a six episodes game. Yes, we know that there are so many game of thrones fans are out there. Seven kingdoms and war of five kings, there is so much to describe here.

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Gems of War

Gems of war is a great combination of war and puzzle. You fight with your enemies through puzzles, where yu match gems to increase your spells. There are more than 25 kingdoms that you can conquer with your brain power. And yes it is highly addictive.

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Kings Quest

Kings Quest is a game that will take you back to your teenage with its beautiful storyline, characters and backgrounds. A king that is on an adventurous journey along with his granddaughter.

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Lies Of Astaroth

This is a super addictive game with amazing backgrounds, characters combined with epic fantasy. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a casual player you would love to play it. The cards, battles and rewards will keep you glued to the game till the end.

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Life Is Strange

This is an episodic game where player is given with various choices to rewind past, present and future. The game is about a photographer that is on a mission to save her friend. The couple soon understands that rewinding the past can be something that can change future events. An adventurous game that you would love to play.

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Note: This is a limited time offer to get these games as soon as possible.


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