Foods to have beautiful and long hair

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Strong and long hair are the sign of beauty. Although there is no magical formula to turn on your hair growth and beauty game but there are various foods that will help you achieve your goals. There is no doubt that foods play a vital role in making your hair beauful. You need to keep your scalp healthy for silky and strong hair. Our hair strands are made of protein keran and they need minerals and vitamins. When you do not provide them with all the necessary nutrients then they turn into dry and frizzy one. One the right hand taking the right foods will make your hair to look like a million dollar. Therefore, we have comprised the list of foods that aid in hair health plus growth.

Here they are:


Eggs are one of the best foods to re%ll your protein bar. They are the natural source of protein helping your hair to get all the necessary nutrients. Protein is the main component of our hair and that is why vitamin rich foods are a must to boost your hair growth.All the people facing the issue of hair fall should look for protein rich foods and treatments. You can have a protein treatment at home as well. Just take an egg, beat well and put on your hair for at least 15minutes then rinse off.

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This green vegetable is rich in Vitamin A and C, folate, calcium, potassium and iron, all the ingredients that lead to hair growth. According to various health professionals there is a strong link between the hair loss and iron de%ciency.Eang it like having something that capsules all the amazing nutrients at one place, not only for hair but for the skin and body as well.

Citrus Fruits

You got all the iron but its absorpon requires vitamin C. Get some dose of vitamin c to let your iron absorb and get quick hair growth.The most common sources of vitamin c are citrus fruits such as oranges, grape fruit, lime and lemon etc. Taking a glass of lemonade will also be helpful but without sugar. These fruits also aid in the weight loss journey.

Amartia and  photographer: Synthetic Shadows
Amartia and photographer: Synthetic Shadows


Fish is an amazing food that does wonders for your body, skin and hair altogether. Our body cannot produce omega 3 and we require taking it from outside sources such as %sh. It also provides protein, selenium, vitamin D3 and B vitamins to our body. The omega 3 fa5y acids are linked with hair thickening and growth. Various studies have supported that taking omega 3, omega 6 and %sh oil supplements support in treang hair loss


Whenever you will talk about hair, avocado will surely come. This is why you see this fruit in hair packs, commercials and foods. They have plenty of vitamin E, C and fa5y acids. All of these nutrients help hair to grow more and stay strong. It also manages the oil and PH levels of the hair. The studies have also shown that the vitamin E supplements make hair strong and allow them to grow faster.

Whole Grains

Many whole grains are packed with vitamins including b7, silica and zinc. These are the perfect ingredients to prevent hair breakage and loss. Bion is also one of the main ingredients that aids in hair growth. So start using the combinaon of these bene%cial whole grains to have beautful and healthy hair. The bo5om line is that we should rely over the natural sources of minerals and vitamins. These natural foods give really amazing results to treat hair loss and boost hair growth. Looking for beautful hair so make these foods part of your daily diet and enjoy amazing results.


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