Figgle App to organize cool stuff on phone

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Figgle Clipboard App that lets you to save and organize cool stuff from all around the world with just a single click.

Have you ever wondered about the right way to organize various things over your phone? If you have not heard about Figgle app then let me tell you that there is an app that has awesome features and functions to save and organize articles, websites, pictures, videos, music and much over your device.   

Figgle app allows you to grab the content from your favorite apps and save it into your device with ease. Whether the content is from the social media websites, video platforms, Dropbox or anything else you have the freedom to save them over Friggle app.

Awesome features of Figgle App

Follow Other People

The Figgle app gives you the ability to follow other people and get to know about the content that they have saved.

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Trending Stuff

Wanna know about what is trending over the Figgle app? The trending page would be the place to know. Here you will find the most liked, shared or saved content.

Random Content

Browse through the random content all over the Figgle app through the Random page.


Yes, those tiny hashtags are also here to help you organize your content. You have the feature to use hashtags for organizing your posts.        

The more you will know about the Figgle app the more you will fall in love with. Make your phone clutter free today by using this amazing app that will keep everything on it place. Now there is no need to spend hours in looking for the stuff you saved earlier in your phone. Figgle app is here to save, search and find the content with just few clicks.   


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