Exclusive Interview with Laura Zabo

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Buzzworld got the chance to take interview of talented and beautiful person behind Laura Zabo. The items that we have seen are stunning, vegan and eco-friendly. Lets look what she told us about her journey:

Q. Tell us about yourself. (Age, Education, background, experience, country etc)

Ans. I was born in Hungary and I am 39, But feel 25. I left university quite early because I am very hyperactive and I like to learn my own way, so I decided to work and learn by practice. I have done lots of different jobs from photography to sales, marketing and hospitality.

Q. What was the reason that pushed you to start this project?

Ans. I have always been eco-conscious from when I was a child and I love to spend lot of time in nature. I was always wondering why so many people drop rubbish and tires there so when I found some up cycled tire sandals in Africa. I felt that I have to bring this idea back to Europe and create an eco- collection. I soon began to learn that scrap tires are a serious problem on our planet, over 3 billion tires are dumped globally every year and they pile up landfill sites, clogging our planet and take decades to break down. My idea was to transform these tires creating a niche and creative business promoting sustainable and ethical fashion. The material is very strong and is ideal for many different purposes.

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Q. How this idea came into your mind?

Ans. Two years ago whilst I was exploring Tanzania, I saw some handmade sandals at a Maasai market which were made entirely out of re-purposed car tires, I completely fell in love with the idea. I saw a lady painting the sandals and they were totally fashionable and stunning,

Q. How you define an ideal entrepreneur?

Ans. I believe an ideal entrepreneur has to have strong drive, always be on the lookout for new creative ideas and should always be highly energetic, passionate and motivated.  Flexibility and fast learning is also key to success. Entrepreneurs always have to expand their skills, what is enough today wont be enough tomorrow.

Q. What inspires you most to become a successful person?

Ans. Knowing that what I am doing is ethical, vegan, sustainable and helping out our planet. Also I hope that I can inspire people to become more creative and eco-conscious. Together we can make a change.

Q. Tell us about your hobbies?

Ans. I love anything to do with nature and the outdoors, taking long walks in the countryside is something I enjoy, to get away from the busyness of London. I have always enjoyed travelling since I was young, I have had the opportunity to live in so many different countries including Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Tanzania and the UK. Lastly, I love reading, it enables me to learn new ideas and relax at the same time.

Q. What was the most difficult thing to face as a new business?

Ans. For me, it was difficult to be selective with other entrepreneurs who offer business ideas, tips or give you advice. You have to have a strong attitude to bring the business through problems, as well as self-confidence to conquer the bad decisions and move forward.

Q. Where you see yourself in upcoming years?

Ans. I see myself selling Laura Zabo up-cycled items in lots of different countries, and recycle really huge quantities. Continue to sell at affordable prices that everyone can purchase, but have a very high rate of sales. I continue to invent more and more exciting collections and shock the fashion industry and Inspire people to be proud to wear ethical fashion items but look fashionable at the same time.

Q. One piece of advice that you would like to give to young people?

Ans. Think big – contribute in any sustainable and ethical way to help change our planet. We all have an inside artist, it can be anything, writing or fashion and the best way to express yourself is to become creative, find your uniqueness and create. Never stop moving and go for it.

Q. What you would like to say about

Ans. Buzzworld has some great content sand blog. Keep promoting sustainable fashion!

We wish you good luck for your future endeavor Laura Zabo.


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