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Exclusive Interview with Bekaar Films

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You have seen these 4 awesome people Sami, Jazzy, Rida and Mubeen from Bekaar Films in various roles spreading smiles and giggles. Buzzworld got the chance to feature them here to promote their talent.

In an exclusive interview with Bekaar Films Buzzworld spoke about various topics.

Q. Tell us about yourself. 

Ans. Our whole team is from the same university, all bachelors in TV and Film.

Q. What was the reason that pushed you to start BekaarFilms?

Ans. It all started when we were sitting at a coffee shop. It was our final year at our university and all 4 of us were film making students. We sat and decided that after our degree, we would all move on with our jobs and separate routines. And the work we will be doing will be according to the clients’ briefs, we won’t be doing anything of our choice. So we decided to get together every weekend and shoot videos from ideas we developed just for fun because film making was just not a job for us, it was our passion as well.

Q. How you define an ideal entertainer?

Ans. Someone who can bring a smile to your face.

Q. What inspires you most to become a successful person?

Ans. To bring positivity in our daily lives.

Q. Tell us about your hobbies?

Ans. Filming and traveling.

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Q. Are universities playing a positive role in promoting new talent?

Ans. To some extent.

Q. What are the most difficult things that you guys have dealt with as a new talent?

Ans. Managing work, family and Bekaar life at the same time. 😂

Q. Where you see yourself and your channel in upcoming years?

Ans. Making our own feature film.

Q. How will you define entertainment industry environment in Pakistan?

Ans. Developing.

Q. One piece of advice that you would like to give to young people?

Ans. Follow your passion, work hard, stay consistent and never give up.

Q. What you would like to say about

Ans. Great blog, love your content. Keep promoting young talent of Pakistan.

Buzzworld wishes good luck to the entire team of Bekaar Films in their future journey.


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