effective ways to avoid distraction and stay focused to increase productivity

Effective tips to avoid distraction, stay focused and increase productivity

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Getting the right focus and avoiding distraction is something we all look for. Whether you are a student writing your next assignment or a blogger thinking about your next killer article you want to avoid distraction in the best possible way.

Here are the top effective tips that will help you to avoid distraction and focus on something you are planning to do:

Turn off notifications

The biggest distraction in our lives these days are smart devices that we hold in our hands. We all stay connected over various social media devices such as Instagram, facebook, twitter etc. We all are addicted to these platforms and look for notifications again and again. This habit distracts us from the real work that we were actually doing. Turning off notification will help you to focus on your current work and get the best from it.

Say good bye to Internet usage

We all need internet to do research but that also becomes the sort of distraction sometimes. You start to look for your favorite things rather than the main topic. When you are done with the research then disconnect internet to avoid distraction.

No background noise

According to various researches the background noise of TV and Radio creates tension. Of course in a tensed environment you will not be able to focus on your current goals. In order to stay focused and avoid distraction keep the background sounds off.

Clean Space

The neat and clean space will provide you the right environment to concentrate on your work. The cluttered space will create a mess inside and outside. Start your work in a neat and clean environment and feel the difference. According to Feng Shui the clutter also brings bad luck in your life. You can read about it in details below.

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Proper Planning

Planning is a million dollar habit when it comes to handling your daily routine chores. Plan ahead that what you are trying to complete no matter how small the work is. It will enable you to complete your work in the proper way rather than just sitting and deciding that what and how you should do it.

A small break won’t cost

If you feel that you have done all the above tasks and still you are not able to focus and avoid distraction then take a small break. Leave all of our work and get a glass of juice for yourself. It will help you to focus on your work and avoid distraction.

Peace of Mind

Sometimes tension or any current issue damages your brain power to work properly. In my personal experience you can never work properly if your mind is filled with clutter. Before starting any new thing try to calm your mind so you will be able to use it in best ways.

Do try these wonderful ways next time when you you feel that you are not getting the desired focus. Share this article with your friends and family.


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