Best ways to prevent sunburn this summer

Best ways to prevent sunburn this summer

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The time of the year is finally here when flowers bloom and sun shines at its peak. The summer brings so much beauty when everyone tends to enjoy their time over beaches. But it also brings the skin issue of sunburn because sun can do so much damage to your skin but we have got you covered.

Avoiding the sun in the best way possible is tricky but not impossible. We will tell you the ways to prevent sunburn and enjoy this summer. Here they are:

Get the sunscreen

The first step in protecting yourself from sunburn is to get the perfect sunscreen for you. Before leaving home get a thick layer of SPF 15 sunscreen to prevent sunburn. According to various sources the thin layer of  sunscreen will not be as effective as it should.

The other point is that apply it 20 or 30 minutes before leaving to the beach. Allow it to absorb in to your skin, making it more effective.

Keep an eye on medicines that you take

Many people are not aware that some kind of medication also makes your skin sensitive that results into sunburn. Always ask your physicians about this possibility before taking any medicine to prevent sunburn.

Do not neglect ears and lips

Often lips and ears are the most neglected part when talking about sunburn. These are the locations where skin cancer can form more frequently so apply sunscreen and protect them from skin damage. The cancer foundation recommends that you wear a good woven hat to protect these areas from sunscreen.

Avoid between 12pm to 4pm

The sun rays are more damaging than you think as these rays can cause serious skin issues such as skin cancer, tumor, rashes etc. They are more dangerous between the hours of 12pm to 4pm so avoid going outside in this time period. If there is no chance then get the right sunscreen before stepping out in sun.

Pay attention to your diet

If you eat well you stay good and a diet that is full of minerals and vitamins keeps you away from sunburn. The deficiency of zinc and magnesium can also cause various issues such as sun rashes. The anti-oxidants rich foods also increase immunity in the body against the damage caused by the sun rays.


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