A special christmas read

A Special Christmas Read

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This Christmas will be different if…..

Christmas is a special event that is celebrated by people from around the world. In simple words, the best combination of fun, wonder,gifts and celebrations. The purpose of writing this special Christmas read is to take your attention towards the things often ignored.

You jump for shopping and buy gifts for friends, family, neighbor’s and other people out there. Nice is not it? But have not you forgotten few people?

You may be wondering who…. Right?

There are so many people out there in old houses keeping their eyes on doors for their loved ones to visit. The most beautiful gift you can give to someone is time and attention so give some to these old people.

What about all those people lying on beds in hospitals? May be they have lost the last hope of living and your visit and gift can take them back to life.

Homeless that has no home to live and no food to eat. Your small gift can make their day and bring smiles on their faces.        

The people who are living all alone and lost their family due to some reason and feel lost. They may be missing their loved ones and your small love gesture can go a long way.

Of course, you will not get gifts in return but you will get love, prayers and smiles that are priceless. Be the reason of someone’s smile.   

I wanted to take a small step through my writing to bring a positive change this Christmas. After reading this it will change the way you used to spend your day. Make this Christmas a different one and give your thoughts in the comments below.

Share this beautiful read with your friends and family for a positive change.  


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