7 things that bring bad luck in your home, office and life

7 things that bring bad luck for you

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Are you facing bad luck in your life? Do you wanna get rid from this situation? You will be amazed but there are various things that bring bad luck in your home or office. Here we are sharing a list of things that bring bad luck for you. Have a look

Clutter is your enemy

If you are searching for good luck then clutter can be considered as the biggest enemy. Is your room always gets messy? Do yu have things but you always throw them around in a bad manner? If yes then it is time to change your attitude. According to Feng Shui good luck will never enter a space that is cluttered and untidy.

All the unnecessary things that you have in your home create clutter for you. Everyday take out at least 30-40 minutes to remove that clutter from your home. Throw away all the useless things from your home because these are the things that bring bad luck.

Broken things are a big No

The Feng Shui says that dishes show your wealth. What if your wealth is all broken? So your favorite vessel was broken but you still have it…

The broken dishes, vessels, mugs and mirrors are a big no for you. All these broken things bring bad luck and troubles in your life. Replace your old broken dishes or mirrors with new one.

Avoid hanging these on your wall

We all love Titanic but that will not mean that you should get a beautiful painting of Titanic to hang in your bedroom. You may be a very sympathetic person but hanging a picture of crying girl is not necessary to prove it.

According to Fang Shui these kind of sinking ships or crying girl kind of pictures attract negative energy in the home or the space where they are present. Get rid from these to say good bye to bad luck.

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Pretty entrance but less space

It is good to have a pretty entrance but always remember that it should wide enough to help good luck enter your home or office. The clear entrance of your home will be a sign of good luck. So pay attention to your entrance area.

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Weird things under your bed

You were so lazy that you put all the shoes and other stuff under your bed. Good for one day or two but remember that putting shoes under your bed is bringing bad luck in your life.

Make a proper space of shoes in your home and put them there.

Prickly Plants and dead plants

Many people are plant lovers but do you know that plants also bring bad luck? Prickly plants are also included in those things that bring bad luck such as cactus. They are the one that give space to bad luck and trouble in your home. This is not all the dead plants and all the dead leaves are also bad for you. If you are plant lover then maintain them properly to save yourself from future troubles.

Empty Rocking Chair

Annabelle and the clip of that movie on rocking chair, I am sure most of the people have seen that. The Irish people believe that these empty chairs attract souls and if it moves on its own then may be any soul is using that. Pretty Scary!

I am sure after knowing this no one would like to keep that at home. These are the things that bring bad luck in your life and you are not even aware about them.

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